Driveway, Decking and Patio Cleaning

It is inevitable that if you have decking, a driveway, a patio, or any outside hard area made out of any kind of paving, wood or hard surface, the outside elements will eventually take hold and ruin the appearance. Not only does this make the surface look old and worn, it also makes the surface dangerously slippery to walk on, especially when wet.

Driveways, decking, and patios are expensive items to have installed! Make sure you look after your investment by having it regular cleaned!

We use only professional and industrial grade equipment to make sure you receive the best possible results at all times. The flat surface cleaning system we use only requires water with no chemicals or detergents. However if you have any stubborn spots, we may use an environmentally friendly chemical to aid in the cleaning.

Once the area is cleaned we will treat it with an environmentally friendly weed killer in the appropriate places. If it is block paved, once it has dried we will re-sand the entire area, bringing it back to its newly laid condition. For an additional fee we can also seal your block paving, if required. This is done by applying a layer of transparent sealant, creating a protective film which dirt sits on top of. This will reduce but not eliminate the need for future cleaning.