Gutter Cleaning

 When the weather turns and the rains start to fall, your gutters are your first line of defence in preventing serious and expensive damage. Cleaning your gutters is one of the most important things you can do to protect your property. To function correctly your gutters need to be free from all debris, including leaves, silt, moss, bird nests, and vegetation, or anything that can block the free flow of water away from your property.

A lot of home owners will wait until there is a problem before they have their gutters cleaned out, but by that time serious damage may have occurred. Not only do your gutters prevent rain water from penetrating and damaging you soffits and fascias they also stop rain water from pouring directly down the side of you house and into your foundations. Another common problem associated with blocked gutters is that if blocked, they can fill to the top with rain water, which has nowhere to go. This can cause your gutter brackets to fail resulting in your gutters falling to the floor and usually breaking.

All damage caused or associated with blocked gutters will prove expensive to fix!

Gecko Cleaning uses a powerful vacuum system which has been especially designed to clean your gutters from the safety of the ground. Not only do we clean the gutters out, we will also check and unblock all joining bends and downpipes. To work on pipe bends and downpipes we will use ladders; however, we will always use a stabilizing bar to keep our ladder away from your fascias. Once we are satisfied that they are unblocked and clean we will let water run from one end and check the functionality and the flow of the water. If there are any minor repairs that require attention we will carry these at too. This is included in the price.