Window Cleaning

If you are looking for a window cleaning company that offers residential and domestic cleaning in your area, you will probably find by looking on the internet and by reading local papers you are spoilt for choice. But how can you know whether you are choosing the right one?

Gecko Cleaning has established itself over time as a reliable, trustworthy, friendly, and professional company. We are constantly gaining new clients through word of mouth recommendation. This is due to the quality of our work and the professional and friendly service that our staff always deliver to the customer.

Many companies like to call themselves window cleaners but in fact most of them should be called just glass cleaners. Remember your window is made up of a frame, a sill, and glass. Why would you want just the glass cleaned? We clean the whole window. We also clean your front and back doors including frames at no extra cost.

All of our window cleaning is carried out using the latest in water-fed pole technology. This means no ladder leaning against your property or digging into your lawn, no solvents or detergents that are harmful to the environment, and no risk of anyone falling and hurting themselves on your property.

If you would like the interior of your windows cleaned, this is something we are more than happy to carry out. We apply traditional methods using a squeegee with a mild detergent which, of course, is environmentally friendly. We apply the detergent to your interior windows using a fully contained spray bottle and will never bring a bucket of water into your property. This eliminates all possibilities of an accidental spillage.

We strongly believe that the consistent, professional service we provide as standard to all of our customers is something unrivalled by any of our competitors.

For all of our customers we offer a text or call service the day before cleaning. This is something we are happy to offer as standard and at no extra cost to you. This benefits you by allowing you to know when we are coming, to make sure access to the rear of your property is available, and to make sure that all your windows and doors are shut properly. This will also eliminate any unannounced visits that could prove inconvenient to you. We offer many different payment options and will never cold call in the evening or weekend to receive payment unless this is something you request.