Conservatory Cleaning

You must never use a pressure or jet washer to clean your conservatory! If you are thinking on cleaning your conservatory yourself using a pressure washer or jet washer then STOP! You stand a high chance of causing extensive damage which would be expensive to rectify.

Roof Cleaning

Whether your conservatory roof is made out of glass panels or polycarbonate panels nothing is going to protect it from the elements. Your conservatory should be a pleasant place for you and your family to reside especially on spring or summer days, and over time you will see all kinds of dirt damaging and ruining the look of your roof.
Gecko Cleaning uses water-fed pole technology to clean your conservatory roof using pure water. However we may have to use an environmentally friendly chemical to lift stubborn stains if any are present. We will clean the roof from the very top moulding all the way down to the gutters making sure all of the uPVC and panels are cleaned thoroughly and brought back to their former glory.

Maybe you would prefer to use our complete conservatory cleaning service.

Complete Clean

Whether you purchased you conservatory from new or whether it was already in place when you moved into your property, the fact remains the same. They are an expensive investment and over time, new or old, the wind and rain will cause your conservatory to look discoloured and faded. It is important to consider the long term maintenance of your conservatory, and by having a regular deep clean it will save you money in the long term. A smart, clean conservatory will also look more attractive and may add value to your property if you are considering putting it on the market.

Outside – We use a low pressure, pure water system with brushes, along with a biodegradable and environmentally friendly chemical to clean all of the uPVC or wood and all of the roof panels. All gutters and downpipes are cleaned out and the free flow of water checked. All glass is cleaned using a water-fed pole and pure water.

Inside – We use microfibre clothes with the same chemical as we do on the outside to clean all of the uPVC or wood and all of the roof panels. All glass is cleaned using a squeegee and applicator.

If requested we will remove any blinds before cleaning, and will replace them once we have finished. This ensures that no parts of the conservatory is missed in the clean and that no damage is caused to your blinds.

The only thing we will ask you to do is to make sure that all of your items are removed from the conservatory and to ensure that we have clear and safe access to all parts.