Terms & Conditions

  1. Recommendations
    To receive a free window clean from a recommendation, the recommended customer must sign up to one of our regular window cleaning rounds and have received two fully paid window cleans.
    The recommended customer must mention the full name and address of the existing customer that has recommended them on the first point of contact with Gecko.


  1. Payment
    Our preferred payment method is Go-Cardless, however we appreciate this is not suitable for some. If paying by bank transfer then please make prompt payment within 48 hours of your window clean taking place and use you address as the reference


  1. Your first clean
    Pure water is extremely efficient at removing dirt, it is not so efficient at removing sellotape, paint, concrete, and any other type of builder’s mess where scrapers and chemicals may be needed. Please notify us when booking your first clean as an additional charge may need be added.

    Be honest, if your property is bigger than you describe for our pricing structure, unsurprisingly we will notice when we arrive to carry out the clean, the price will be automatically changed to reflect.


  1. Schedule
    We offer 6 or 12 weekly visits. On occasions like bad weather, public holidays etc. We ask for a little flexibility of one week each side of your normal schedule to accommodate. You will never receive more than you scheduled number of cleans over the year


  1. Access
    So we can gain access to the rear of the property if you are required to leave gates unlocked then please do so! If gates are left locked, we will still try and gain access with our ladders.  If this is not possible the front and all accessible side windows will be cleaned and you will be charged for a full clean.


  1. Bad Weather
    We work in light to moderate rain, this will not affect the results due to the nature of the systems we use.


  1. Complaints
    We strive to give you a perfect service, however things happen, we are all human. If you are dissatisfied with the clean in anyway then please let us know within 24 hours of the clean, and we will return the next working day to rectify the problem. Before making any complaint please ensure issues are on the outside and not the insides as there will be a call out charge.


  1. Cancellations
    On the day of the clean, if you cancel our visit on the doorstep then full payment will be required. We text all of our customers the evening before we are due at 19:00hrs so this is the time to tell us if you are on holiday etc.