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Gecko Cleaning has established itself over time as a reliable, trustworthy, friendly, and professional company. We are constantly gaining new clients through word of mouth recommendation. This is due to the quality of our work and the professional and friendly service that our staff always deliver to the customer.

Many companies like to call themselves window cleaners but in fact most of them should be called just glass cleaners. Remember your window is made up of a frame, a sill, and glass. Why would you want just the glass cleaned? We clean the whole window. We also clean your front and back doors including frames at no extra cost.

All of our window cleaning is carried out using the latest in water-fed pole technology. This means no ladder leaning against your property or digging into your lawn, no solvents or detergents that are harmful to the environment, and no risk of anyone falling and hurting themselves on your property.

If you would like the interior of your windows cleaned, this is something we are more than happy to carry out. We apply traditional methods using a squeegee with a mild detergent which, of course, is environmentally friendly. We apply the detergent to your interior windows using a fully contained spray bottle and will never bring a bucket of water into your property. This eliminates all possibilities of an accidental spillage.

Frequently Asked Questions

We like to keep things as simple as possible, so we have created a booking form which you can submit and one of our team get in touch to schedule you in.

Every property is different and depending on what needs cleaning, but typical the first clean takes 45 minutes with future visits being 30 minutes.

We don’t just clean the glass, we feel the whole window should be sparkling which is why we also include the frames and sills. We even clean your front door!

Yes, we like to keep customers informed and don’t like to carryout surprise visits, which is why we always send out advanced notification in the form of a text message letting you know when we are planning to visit.

We like to make things easy,  therefore we accept payments via cash, bank transfer and direct debit. If you’re opting for a regular cleaning visits then we recommend setting up the direct debit payment with our payment provider Go-Cardless.

Absolutely, if you opt for our 6-weekly cleaning frequency then you will save around 20% per clean compared to our 12-weekly.


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