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Window Cleaning

Gecko Cleaning has established itself over time as a reliable, trustworthy, friendly, and professional company. We are constantly gaining new clients through word of mouth recommendation. This is due to the quality of our work and the professional and friendly service that our staff always deliver to the customer.

Many companies like to call themselves window cleaners but in fact most of them should be called just glass cleaners. Remember your window is made up of a frame, a sill, and glass. Why would you want just the glass cleaned? We clean the whole window. We also clean your front and back doors including frames at no extra cost.

All of our window cleaning is carried out using the latest in water-fed pole technology. This means no ladder leaning against your property or digging into your lawn, no solvents or detergents that are harmful to the environment, and no risk of anyone falling and hurting themselves on your property.

If you would like the interior of your windows cleaned, this is something we are more than happy to carry out. We apply traditional methods using a squeegee with a mild detergent which, of course, is environmentally friendly. We apply the detergent to your interior windows using a fully contained spray bottle and will never bring a bucket of water into your property. This eliminates all possibilities of an accidental spillage.

Gutter Clearance

When the weather turns and the rains start to fall, your gutters are your first line of defence in preventing serious and expensive damage. Cleaning your gutters is one of the most important things you can do to protect your property. To function correctly your gutters need to be free from all debris, including leaves, silt, moss, bird nests, and vegetation, or anything that can block the free flow of water away from your property.

Gecko Cleaning uses a powerful vacuum system which has been especially designed to clean your gutters from the safety of the ground.

All damage caused or associated with blocked gutters could prove expensive to fix!

A lot of home owners will wait until there is a problem before they have their gutters cleaned out, but by that time serious damage may have occurred. Not only do your gutters prevent rain water from penetrating and damaging your soffits and fascias they also stop rain water from pouring directly down the side of your house and into the foundations. Another common problem associated with blocked gutters is that they can fill to the top with rain water, which has nowhere to go, this can then cause your gutter brackets to fail resulting in your gutters falling to the floor and usually breaking.

Conservatory Roof

You must never use a pressure or jet washer to clean your conservatory! If you are thinking on cleaning your conservatory yourself using a pressure washer or jet washer then STOP! You stand a high chance of causing extensive damage which would be expensive to rectify.

Whether your conservatory roof is made out of glass panels or polycarbonate panels nothing is going to protect it from the elements. Your conservatory should be a pleasant place for you and your family to reside especially on spring or summer days, and over time you will see all kinds of dirt damaging and ruining the look of your roof.

Gecko Cleaning uses water-fed pole technology to clean your conservatory roof using pure water. However we may have to use an environmentally friendly chemical to lift stubborn stains if any are present. We will clean the roof from the very top moulding all the way down to the gutters making sure all of the uPVC and panels are cleaned thoroughly and brought back to their former glory.

Soffit Cleaning

Maintenance free products (uPVC) are a great looking addition to your property, but unfortunately the words “Maintenance free” are not strictly true. Like anything in life, if you don’t look after it properly it will deteriorate over time.

The external surfaces of your uPVC fascias, soffits, and guttering are under constant attack from the elements causing a build-up of dirt, mould, mildew and other unsightly growths that cause them to look discoloured, mouldy and unpleasing to the eye. This can cause expensive damage over time!

Gecko Cleaning has all the latest water-fed pole equipment to be able to reach and clean your uPVC from the safety of the ground. If we have to use any chemicals for stubborn stains we will only use environmentally friendly and biodegradable products.

We try not to use ladders for this process, but sometimes it is unavoidable. If your uPVC has not been cleaned for a long period of time it may be necessary to gain access to remove severe staining. The best remedy for this is to have your uPVC cleaned on a regular basis, normally once a year.

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